Stick Dressing

Cutting yourself a stick to aid walking, hunting and fighting probably goes back to a time when early man needed help to walk around on 2 legs.  Longer sticks or staffs have been with us from ancient times and their association with travellers and pilgrims is deeply seated in history.

Walking sticks do not wear out and are often handed down from generation to generation.  That is, of course, if the stick has been made by a craftsman!  There are a range of woods that can be used to make the shanks and many more materials for the making of the handles.  Although it is a very absorbing hobby, it does take a great deal of forward planning as the shanks have to dry for at least 12 months prior to use.

Jon Farley has been making sticks for nearly 30 years.  His first sticks were for himself, his son and his extended family but he now takes commissions - making them to order, made to measure.  In addition to making sticks,  Jon makes riding crops, rifle rests, shoes horns, bottle openers and key rings to name but a few.

We are delighted that Jon has agreed to now run courses in this ancient skill. Courses can either be one-to-one or small groups.  If you are interested, please contact us for further information.